Testo Closer

Testo Closer

[Verse 1:]
Yes I'm just watching my step,
Trying not to upset you,
And I'm just being careful,
With everything that I say and do,
I don't wanna do anything if it's not approved,
Cause you're my gold and my mission,
My every intention is you...

So what I'm gonna do is do,
What I gotta do to please you,
If it means giving all myself,
I gotta do, just to get next to you,
I gotta do...

You know I need to be,
Want to be,
Gotta be,
Closer to you,
Is this what I need to do,
I don't know how can I ever say,
That I'll please you,
Oh lord it's not about me no more

I need to be,
Want to be,
Gotta be
Closer to you
(It's what you called me to,
It's what you expect me to)
I don't know exactly what
You would do if you were in my shoes
I'm gonna be closer to you

Hmm hmmm closer to you...
Ooh ooh
Hmm hmmm closer to you...

[Verse 2:]
As I inch my way
Closer to your will I can't wait
(Noo noo)
It seems the closer I get,
Father you seem so far away
(So far away)
But I will keep pressing cause I have to,
Crawling cause I want you
Reaching cause I need you
(Reaching cause I need you)
I'm not ever gonna stop cause I love you
(Oh lord)
And if I had to
I couldn't find nobody to replace you


Lord I can't go anywhere if you're not there
Lord I can't speak a word if I don't hear you clear
I'm just saying
Lord I want be close to thee,
Every hour, every day I need thee,
So draw me near, near to you,
I gotta be,
Close to thee,
Closer than most,
Cause I need you, closer than close,
Cause I need to feel you breathe on me,
Lord, breathe...

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