Testo Underground Hearts

Testo Underground Hearts

All washed up
But they're still here
Swallow down another tear
Out on the shore
Just holding ground
So shot down
Lonesome lovers
Under covers
Need to bleed on their blood brothers
Without a sound
They're underground afraid
Don't forget the broken hearted
Trampled on before they started
Walking on two feet
They crawled away
Are any lovers still together
Torn and frayed
But altogether
Walking on to fight the world again
Believing if they fight they just might win

All torn up
But we're still here We've swallowed down a thousand tears
Out on the floor
Lost in the crowd
We shoot our guns and laugh out loud
We all have had some pain to suffer
Had to bleed on our blood brother
With all our sound
We're coming out the grave

So you won't forget the broken hearted...

All the pain that love can breed
A little poison in the seed
Moving on towards full grown jealousy
This isn't who you thought you'd be
Helpless, sad, and so angry
Alone, forgotten
Fighting for your heart and sanity

...you never thought you'd be a father
Your girlfriend is your baby's mother
Stand up strong
Don't turn and run away
You're underground
Just hold on today

Don't leave today
Don't walk away
Come on and be with us
Bleed with us today

Hoping if you fight you just might win
You're underground
Just hold on

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