Testo The Adolescent Night

Testo The Adolescent Night

It was '93 back in mid-july when we both tumbled to the ground
Just a boy and a girl growing up in a southern town
Standing in your arms out on the doorstep
We were just kids but I could never forget
The sound of your voice and the fire in your eye
When we crossed our heartsn and we hoped to die

You were just a kid
And I was only seventeen
But we swore we'd always be together
Don't let go of the adolescent night
Lying on our backs
We were young and so na?ve
We swore we'd stay that way forever
Don't let go of the adolescent night

We were killing time as the years went by
Two lovers with a restless heart
We both took those vows
That they were never gonna tear us apart
Moved into a house down on the corner
All grown up though we never wanted to
But we never forgot that night When our hearts and we hoped to die

...And I swear I never will
...Hold on

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