Testo Stuck

Testo Stuck

Something's got a hold of me
Buried deep inside but won't let me breathe
This feeling I can't shake
The chains that bind me I just can't break
Every single day, it gets harder to bear this intolerable weight
It was only a test but I swam to far against the tide,
I deserve what I get.
These things are weighing, weighing down on me
They're coming down and suffocating me
Too late to change
It is what it is
I deserve everything that I get too late to fucking change
No, I won't fucking change.

No redemption in sight for me
My soul tainted by these dirty deeds
These devils have invaded my brain
Too late for change

So many mistakes I've made
Soon enough will come the day
I'll live in the mess I've made No room, no room to change

Please, just get me out...

I can't fucking breathe.

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