Testo Nobody's Nothing

Testo Nobody's Nothing

Left alone again
Wondering where all the time went?
With my patience stretched and my loyalty vexed
Now I'm convinced I'll never, ever, ever trust you again
I'll never be able to climb the walls inside your head

An ambition I've found can only lead to failure
No end in sight, so I just give up the fight
I take back everything I said
Look where we are now it never meant shit and it never will so just forget it
Now I'm stuck with this regret all because I've let it
I never thought I'd fucking regret it

No, I'm not gonna try,
So I'll just wait to die.

Wait to die.

And I just can't apologize for the times I've made you cry
It's not that I don't feel ashamed
I'm just too much of a coward to look you in the fucking eye

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