Testo Lusting Heavy

Testo Lusting Heavy

Robert Jordan burnt another bridge
for me this marks the end
of another fairy tale, I was swimming in
I got something you ain't seen before
I got something unique
I give love in the strangest form
I give love you need
Waiting for the breath to save the world
looking for the fear that chocked the girl
lusting heavy for this phase to phase away

Run away to another plain
where the rain can't sear my face
la la la la

Pablo and El Selmo are waiting to advance
like Rome and the human race we were destined to collapse
you were my first true love, but you won't be my last, oh no
I'm not the most stoic man but I wish you happiness

Find me one good reason to stop me from jumping off this bridge
In the face of the gun do you turn or run are you proud of your haze
living phase to phase
you'll never love the way she loved
you'll never love again

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