Testo Shonka Tonk

Testo Shonka Tonk

My name is Josh, I aint gotta lot of flaws
I got a lot of bitches but they're all in training bras
Woke up the other day and I saw a little girl
I Said "yo girl let me take you round the world"
I'll be done in 30 seconds and I'll be out your house
I'll be down the Street and you got jizzism in your mouth

My name is brent yo, i got crusty stuff on my lip yo
I saw a big titty girl the other day
I said hey big titty girl what's your name
she said my names big titty girl how'd you know
let me suck your titties and then I'll go
Suck the big titties on the big titty girl
Half dollar nipples, inverted nipples
Quarter inch nipples, hairy hairy nipples

How will I get through tomorrow
if I can't make it through today?

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