Testo Econoline

Testo Econoline

Econoline get me outta here, I need space, I need to
run. I've been working too hard for just a little
too long, I need to feel the highway hum. Take
me somewhere I've never been before - somewhere
I'd like to go back again, where the people
ain't too tired to make a friend.

Econoline don't fail me now, I need you running to make
my stand. Money's pretty tight, but we get by with
greasy faces and junkyard hands. But if the wrong
thing breaks, then we're shit outta luck, so keep
combusting, and rolling on. I'll steer you true
if you keep running strong.

Econoline, good times roll with you, yesterday shines,
tomorrow's gold. Sweet music through the canyons of
my passing years on into the unknown. We can park on
the lawn in a hurricane's eye, singing our songs
on into the night - so here's to you, our friend,

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