Testo Rudes And Cheaps

Testo Rudes And Cheaps

smell of the mop bucket, and i'm closing up alone
i got some money in my jeans, but i wouldn't know where i'd go
except an envelope in a box of letters
bad taste in my mouth i been trying to forget
and for some reason it just won't go away

and everybody i know found themselves in the same mess
just a-looking out the window, wondering where everybody went
and the things that we've been doing to keep ourselves from getting bored
it might seem we're doing all right, it ain't of our own accord

my roommate's friends are coming over, but i'm sick of getting stoned
cause i heard this town used to be cool before i was grown
now it's just high brow places i can't afford to be
people i don't wanna know cause they're all just rudes and cheaps
how i wish they'd go away

did you really think that sour face would get you anywhere?
around here there ain't no way to do much of anything but watch your own decay
it's just you and all the closing doors, and nothing speaks to us
how come nothing speaks to us?

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