Testo Buttle

Testo Buttle

You bet everything on the all seeing eye
but do you see it making difference
Eyes without emotion, emotion with no sight
I can see how

In Your world
Time is Everything
Creating enemies and fine lines
Rooms a blaze I'm stuck great now see

How I've become all about sick
Must destroy my own creation
Before it's ???? you find a comfort in flesh
I like too much and get pissed

I cant afford it but I'd like to buy all the fun
in here

Lights aren't everything, threw this fallen
staircase a blaze
I'll be alright

But it seems the better you do the more they (try to) cut at you
And Im still stayn here , actually, been waitn forever
And You don't see me or my new shirt

In my world
Time waists everything
And we take up no arms
So try to see
I could become all about sick
Must destroy your own creation
Before it's destroyed there's still shredded flesh
that's liked to much can't swallow it

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