Testo The Awakening

Testo The Awakening

Take a-part the man, fit in between the bottles and the cans
Falling asleep through the movie, not letting or understand
Sliding a needle into the fuzz, the warmth, the glow
Sometimes it feels so slow
Hey wait, why don't you at least try
Try to understand

The pinwheel flashes that have infected me
Making it hard to feel clean
He's taking all forms, instigating a war verses love
So cold he didn't even where the glove
(in time don't worry bout cause it will happen in the.......)

In the summer_
You are the summoner

Afraid to fly
But I am alive

And I'm afraid, And I don't know
Which way is up or, who's part of the show
(It) could be in the Line, (or) It could be in the fire
A walk underwater as her last desire
Why isn't there more need to understand?
Why isn't there more want to understand?

Threw it all, there is a smile behind the wall.......(please) pull it out
Love will always be your friend,
Disconnected world he created not on his own
No wonder, when most are waiting for their turn to talk

And then another line, faked face cleaver, more this time,
Thought we progressed each year
Step up!
Let go!
Step up!
Let go attack
You could find out, you've got a brain
That you're sitting on all day long
You thought it was wrong
Step up!
Let go!
Step up!
Let go attack
And then another line, a faked face cleaver, more this time,
I Thought we where suppose to progress each year

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