Testo Laurete

Testo Laurete

Welcome to an arsonist land handshakes, handgunz
Landmines, grenades, atomic bombs
Aramades, marty's mobing marching plotting to stand up
Like appallduers lauding 'distraught
Marksmen aim infa red Dots
Big fish caught with this harpoon
Architects of the archers flamethrowers
Controllers of auto bots 'weary watchers of the harvest
Harmonious harp strings detour harlots
ardors harbored beneath charlatans hearth
Rider of the dark horse like Camelot
Diver of abyss thoughts
Marvelous writer protect'er posseing doctrines
scribes , moderate Aseop
you're the hassock kings wallk across
farce Sheppard crying wolf
Award winners of the Oscars authors
Self destruct sorrow bottled inside
Pluged with a Cork
Trout til happiness comes resort
Sun beaming off its coast off its shore
sure turmoil has stop?
Cessatate the whole war Spread love
Disassemble ya sword swore
Discountine shedding blood
Shelf ya armor helmet tilted honoring vanguards
Van gouh's camaraderie
Find' I biography Via wikipedia archives
Iris witnessing his legacy intricately un wined
Surveillance emitting advent through lap tops
( baslca )

laurete create poetical portraits
Lyrics depicts remember able sculptures
Obelisk Coated with venmons orchids
Dire graveyards desired one's died due
To undesired torrent
Skulls eyes souless no solace
Tombstones embellishing r-i-p condolences
Decorated bouquet roses
Rode the road onto undying success
Guided soley by
thy golden compass
Iron knight sludge hammer preferred weopen
Would only strike if ever I felt threating
Bullet shells riddle clock towers?
Moulded bulwark crumbling
Gunz salute,
Revolution eluding holocoust showers
Change , Eveloution constant
Must rise debris dust it off us
Pack mental luggage and enter the cockpit
Crash course alluding consciousness
Mf's doomed balskin
Obama goodbye reganomics
Ice caps melting hiatus climates
Neo Nazis riot wishing death on Dresden
with this this guitar violence I'd market younder target
polluted minds
just to touch top charts
ya rights chartered
hand chopped in darfur
mainly because their darkskinned.

I see the mountains' I see the moon I see the darkness hovering over you
He see the moon at noon , he see the sun at night he see the mountain rise
hear the mouth less cries blood drips from tearless eyes

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