Testo Your World

Testo Your World

Verse :1

Pride myself inevitable trials help me guide myself concrete jungle I survive myself traveled the green mile to Nile and swam got rid of I's and Am substituted we's and them dedicated ties for Alms do mind being a lamb or do wish to be the wolf what lies underneath lies is truthbroadcast live from the booth fly on auto pilot vocal frequencies take hostage of Sirius vibe of J-dilla embodied his fleshgrind insomnia i neva rest not even in death fresh to death like niggas using sign language let god order my steps I'm make it like Alexander graham bell stop disorder acquitt innocent inmates in jail open attic cells magistrates I'm real

verse: 2

I got involved with dharma respect nature I love my darling karma 'she come around anytime I call her planted the seeds secede like farmer water recede from Katrina ?read the enquire while sipping my star bucks tuned CNN he seeing suicide bombers oil cost a arm and leg cost soldiers they liver fist balled I riot fo obama combined nations did it my way like Sinatra red scarf I'm hipster I know the gene' Rakia DNA discovered in my un displayed cipher psychedelic site hype off of that red bull Ron Harper Quest my roots I'm find bambata set renewed trends goodbye dada hello dunks I'm the future
I don't know know know where going but all I know know that this our world I don't know where we going but all I know Is this your world you the B - boys boys break you know the b-girls b-girls break you know the dj scratch play

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