Testo Distrait

Testo Distrait

Why do I struggle to find the words that will express my true and honest feelings?
The ones that hold some meaning
Yet I digress into shit without much substance
Self-deprecation in abundance
Loosened the screws from the overthinking
Nothing to lose but the weight I'm bearing

Lost in a world of my own, I don't know where I'm going
Left feeling empty and cold but yet I'm still here breathing
Trying to find a way for me to open up and let you see through my distant eyes
All the things that I hide

I let my woes pent up inside
No means to vent I realized
To everyone and to myself
I'm acting like somebody else
And when it rains, it pours
I should've said before
I let this fester, tried to pretend that this was never on my mind

Look into my eyes
Show me what I hide
When I can't let my feelings be known
I let this sadness swallow me whole
Watch the light fight the gloom
Or the cold halt the bloom on the dreams that I thought would help me grow

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