Testo Broken Reverie

Testo Broken Reverie

You tore me apart and ripped at every seam
Have a taste of your own medicine then tell me how you've been
A bitter pill to swallow, It builds up to break you down
Till your misery is crippling and drags you to the ground

It was exciting and new, completely out of the blue
Not long before I was a stranger to you
I'll let you in my head so you can recite
What I never said when I had to bite
The tip of my tongue, take a deep breath
Had to grit my teeth till my mouth bled
I had to tread ever so light around the corners of your mind
I'm another example of what you couldn't handle

The impression I convinced myself I had of you and I
As clear as day, as right as rain
But I was caught in my illusion
I'm riddled with delusion
So deceitful on my eyes
A mirage playing with my mind

Everything I said, everything I did
Nothing seemed to work, nothing did the trick ‘cause you got everything that you needed
Now your left feeling guilty

But I'm getting used to this lack of honesty
Brings a flush of red only I can see
You left me stranded and neglected with nothing more than I expected

I should be getting used to this by now
Still hurts to admit but I'll get over it somehow
I should be getting used to this by now
Still hurts to admit but I'm not over it right now

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