Testo Friends

Testo Friends

I keep hardly any friends
So I can't be held accountable
Of flying off in the end
To be replaced with ease

Then I got stuck in your web
And placed you into the story
To take apart all my limbs
That you'll digest with ease

So I'll keep hardly any plans
My desperation is palpable
All my addictions I can't seem to kick
And you keep worrying I'll pass them down to our children

I'll never say you did this on your own
(I didn't want you to. I didn't want you to)
Do what you want, not what you're told

So I keep hardly any friends
Did you believe in miracles
What's the point in the end
If we end up with need?

Did you pack it all in?
To end up like our parents?
You said you need a better man
Someone so unlike me
Testi Father Mountain