Testo Sobriety

Testo Sobriety

You're lost in thought
And words keep sticking to your tongue
You'll swear it weighed a ton
Don't worry about it

You've gotta find yourself
Apart from these party animals
They've divided your worth
You're bruised
But not cursed

Don't worry about it

Oh no

When you finally taste the blood that's in my mouth
From the tongue that I've been burrowing down
I guess it's time you start to wear the crown
Cause it's far too heavy and I don't want it now

Where did you go when the death tone rang out
Did you get my message
To give and get over it

It's been 16 minutes since I left your place
Confusing your voice for the look on your face
Said I'd love you forever
But loved you in haste
I'm leaving this town
And leaving the state

"But that's alright!"

That's alright I gave sobriety up for lent
And the shame that came with it
You're surprised to find sin doesn't exist
The way you thought it did
So co-write the pages I'll be contained in;
The black and white paper fences that consider your pallet as payment
Why'd you color me in?

Where did you go when the death tone rung out?
Did you get my message?
To give in, get over it

I've been worried sick since the day I turned 18
And it's still a part of me
Are you surprised to find I'll never exist in the way you thought I did?

So I'll pickpocket back to where we left off
On a quicksand beach
Without shoes off

You were the balanced greyscale
To my broken clock

But where did we leave things?
Testi Father Mountain