Testo The Meanin'

Testo The Meanin'

(feat. A.G.)

[Hook: Scratched]
"They don't know"
"The meaning of a real rap song"
"It's the principle of it"
"Never coming wack"
"Yeah I thought so"
"But ain't nothing changed"
"Got to be that way"
"Ready to rock"
"AG so act like you know"
"You can spark this" [x1]

Catch me in Philly flowin', beats goin' cruise the ghetto
Rocked my show in a jersey, blue and yellow
Stash in the backseat, ass in the backseat
Straight dimes can't front, sometimes it's chopped meat
Let the gods eat, cause that's the way it's gotta be
My mob's deep, bringing the Havoc like Prodigy
my squad keep mad heat cause there's a lotta beef
they wanna see me rest put three in my chest but I'm restless, see it's my turn to shine
let me bless this my debut in 89'
never exit, cause that's the way it has to be
I'm talking no gimmicks, no limits like Master P
My faculty, actually backing me
Holding gats for me, throwing gats for me
Like I blast for them
Why you after them asking them about the beef with me?
I get you smoked like the leaky leak
And bounce in the 740, like Sammy and Gotti did Heavy Paulie
There's a meaning to this like in every story
But this one is over bitches drugs and territory
So where my hoes at?
See me laying raps for Ready Rock and I'm the dirty dancer
Catch ballin' for Philly like the Answer, for me there really is no answer
Watch the rest get scorched, A dash and smash emcees and step off

[Hook 2: Scratched]
"They don't know"
"The meaning of a real rap song"
"Simple and plain"
"Got to be that way"
"Never coming wack"
"It's the principle of it"
"The meaning of a real rap song" [x1]

[Chief Kamachi:]
Wild like the style of stone cyphers and senseis
Djays that let it spin say, ain't too many lyricists that they can play
In this jungle I walk a warriors blood on my kente
Celebrate with a dreaded belly dancer named Amenche
Smoke 7 L's, ???? ash wednesday
I'm half street, half spiritual, half sane, half hysterical
It's the section 8 egyptian, ex-christian
That's writing my own parables
They like he got some kinda mind, able to break down they sonic signs
And at the same time cook up some of the finest dimes
If I gotta resort to that
I role with niggas that bailed out under alias
And never been back to court for that
Kamach and AG don't ask me nigga of course it's fat
Don't look for seeds just scorch the sack
Don't wanna hear you heard about my record
Support the wax
From shell tops doin' the hell bop to corporate stacks

[Hook 3: Scratched]
"They don't know"
"The meaning of a real rap song" [x2]

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