Testo Jim Kelly

Testo Jim Kelly

[Chief Kamachi:]
Yo, Kamachi, yo
I get all in the zone, they worshippin' fall of the throne
Kamachi wicked life the walls with the ever soul of Ramone
Hustler, energy, tone, make my remedies known
In the lab for a lifetime tryna get my ministry cloned
Callin' African tone, just minus the bongos
My voice and the beat is such an immaculate combo
Don't let ya skin touch the teeth of this poisonous Mamba
To make music for U.S. ghettos and kids in the Congo
The King of the Ahmose, artillery gun sambo's
Play the 'Death Choir', halo tilted in my heavenly condo

[Hook x1.5: State Store (Kamachi)]
What can you say but he's a warrior
(Yeah, Messiah back now comin' for that crack crown)
What can you say but he's a warrior
(The sun still shinin' but God will neva back down)

[Chief Kamachi:]
I don't care if ya barrels is blown
The magical Pharaoh is home
Kamachi crossed the water and sang the same carols in Rome Kangols and Heron bones don't mean you from that era holmes
I break-dance in heavens home
Drop-kick a Reverend's dome
There's 12-Disciples, my murder's made of 11 Rome
Don't know my rep as a killer
Millions in shekels of silver
Pimp stroll thru Israel
Flossin' my necklace is realer
See my name in hieroglyphics
Get tossed from the pillars
Yeah I'm itchy to pull it
And baptise 'em with bullets
Give 'em 20 watts and they think that my light is the fullest

[Hook x1.5: State Store (Kamachi)]

[Chief Kamachi:]
Yo I fathered the game, Underworld honor my name
Kamachi got 'em shook like ten Arabs on wobblin' planes
The jungle smoke, residue from a tropical strain
Specialists examine my cells to see what's inside of my brain
Slang dope - DMC, pay them full with a lotta chains
Pop-lock in acid rain, polonium caskets claimed
Humble my self, help you get you some faster fame
Pay for his funeral and do a show in the bastards name

[Hook x2: State Store (Kamachi)]

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