Testo Reaper

Testo Reaper

Don't look back, just keep driving forward
They will lose us in time
What the hell are we living for? Yeah
Just close your eyes
We're gonna be alright
I know it, they won't touch us

I don't fear the reaper
I don't fear anything
Content with what we've done
We will move forward
It's alright, we've time

It's alright baby, I am watching over you
You cry, "but what can we do?"
There are things that they won't reveal to us
They run the world, they built the world, they own the world
I don't feel it in my soul
But I feel it in my heart, it's worth it still

They know
They know we're in their sight
I feel it in my head I'll watch over you, I know we'll be fine
Yeah, in good time

I just wanna move forward
You can run away but you cannot escape

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