Testo End Of Impossible

Testo End Of Impossible

Come into my room, clothes unraveled
I'm sweaty and naked on the floor
The darkness glooms from the ceiling
It's bloody and it's wanting more
My only wish was to be with you
And now I am sober
There were so many things that I wanted to do
So many things to show her
Come into my room from the highway
You'll see my house on the hill
The lights are off and the doors unlocked
But you'll know I'm there still

The end of impossible is plagued
The distance between us is safe
It's safe

Turn to the house from the highway and you'll see me wave on the hill
I'm covered in blood and I'm pretty messed up, but you'll know it's me still
My only wish was to show you a world that you had yet to see
But now I think of all the times in the moments that we ceased to be

My heart is shattered But yours is raped
I hope you come to get me today
I've got no bones left for you to break
Oh, won't you come into my room?
I dare you

I thought we were safe
Lights and sirens on the highway
They found my body, on the hill
They did not know the cause of death, but they said it was too early to tell
I guess in some ways you could argue that my death was heaven-sent
But you know I fought for everything in our final moments

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