Testo I Don't Dance

Testo I Don't Dance

Always lost at sea
Bottles drifting in waters
Love’s still love when lone men sing
It clings to hearts that drugs can’t ease
I’ll wait
It’s not the partner it’s the dance I fear

Forgive the whistling tongues
Forget the missing steps
For there’s no home for those who suffer
And there’s no hope for those who dance
I’ll wait
I won’t dance with you and now comes the night

(If there’s someone here looking out for me)
(Find the pariahs by the sea)

Here there’s nothing left for us
Cause there’s nothing left to lose
Nothing left to fight for
I can’t see the difference between a few and so much more
I ain't the shadow of an answer
Or the shadow of a fight And my shoes do suck for dancing without class
Take me out of the water
Wake me after the night
It just sucked when you wrote party
On a flier that said waltz

And tonight
Oh tonight... I will spare my feet hundreds of blebs
For I don’t dance

It’s raining knives inside the ballroom
And you dance on broken glass
It’s all you’ve been told to do
After long years that wouldn’t pass
Make your choice on the partner
And make the fucker smile
And spin, spin, spin, spin until you realize
How can one be so grateful
With your vomit on their pants?
Something made the whole room
Full of crystal again
But you’re not allowed to touch
No, you’re not allowed to care
And you end up alone in the night
As he slips from your hands
Cowards, infamy
Liars, one by one they quit
You’ll never dance again
And you burn this stupid dress
Five years later, same faces, same dance

You said "never dance again"
Never dance again

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