Testo 15-38

Testo 15-38

I saw you and i knew
You were to press it
The rusty sword on my back
All loudness and nonsense
And the grease on your hands
Chocking your phone cracks
Cheap perfume ran on the dust
And it found no rest
I lost a life waiting somewhere
Between your teeth and nails
And this train just won't crash

I dream of a world
Where the birds won't sing
Every single text from your ex
I know i am tired
And we re both going down to hell
Will you still spit at the black clouds over your head
And spray your ashes in the air
Polluting my last breath

In the fire, how i wish you could just learn
I need understandings
The symmetry of a shell
The applause of an ego
Who knew i was right
All along the fight

I built a sanctuary out of my own faith
In everything i'm not but i wished you forced yourself to be
In my head i screamed your name
And i was sure we'd be friends
But you told me without words
Enough for me to understand:
"Hate me, love me
We already lost the World"
You know we’d better run

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