Testo Irene

Testo Irene

Hey Irene
Remember that club
Where you used to sing?
Red lampshades
In the booths
Men whispering untruths
Well, they
Tore it down in the spring
And I still remember your voice
I see the band playing
Up there on the stand
And all the smoke and the light
The music loud
Different faces in the crowd

Was it a dream?
I heard that you moved out of range
Was it something you'd outgrown?
Needed something of your own
I guess, well, everyone’s entitled
To a change

The crowd has grown older too But some of them
They still want a piece of you
They yearn for some golden age
The time of day
I first heard you from the stage
New Years Day
The snow is so thick
But everybody came
For the songs that you sang
The whole glittering shebang
Oh, I see it all
When I hear your name
Last night, I walked there again
The neon city always ageless and unsung
The bars spilled out to the street
The music loud
Different faces in the crowd

Hey Irene
Where have you been?
Hey Irene
Oh, you're a queen
Hey Irene
Oh, where have you been?

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