Testo Young Man's Game

Testo Young Man's Game

I'm not as good as I used to be
at the late nights, but just look at me
I'm staking a claim in a young man's game tonight

Is it something that my old heart fears?
Missed time, chances, lost years
That means I'm taking aim at a young man's game tonight
One more chance to leave a mark
Imagining the answers in the dark
Such a simple step into the smoke and the light tonight

But who'd have thought I'd have turned this page?
Should I act this out or act my age?
Am I happy I came to the young man's game,
Where the bouncers know me by my name, tonight?

Oh I could I work this room
I could make some noise
Let's hear it for the girls and for the boys
For a moment be the same in the young man's game tonight

We're drinking Jaeger bombs but we're still on our feet Heroes in a wild conceit
Fingering fame in the young man's game tonight

But every mirror just tells the time
Can you name a good fighter over 49?
I should douse my flame for the young man's game tonight

Take off this paper crown
And put these violins down
And renounce my claim on the young man's game tonight

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