Testo Vampire Killer

Testo Vampire Killer

The face of a vampire
That grins in the black
It waits,
In the castle cold
The wings of a demon
That glides in the air
He looks out for blood, so beware
Run, run for your life
Flee from the black pits of hell
Fight, fires alight
Warlocks are casting deadly spells
Strange is the land where spirits dwell

Race against the sands of time
He's got you in his coil
The leather wings and talon's rage
Unfolding to destroy
No mercy for the victim
Who treads upon the blade
And falls apart

Sorcerers and witches fear the cracking of your whip
Revenants and skeletons
You'll show them all your tricks
Your weapons are a legend
The chain of holy steel
And sacred shield

Hear the voice from the past
You will find out at last
There's a quest that is waiting for you and your soul

A swirl of the chain, the darkness, the rain
The fury, the pain and your power that soars

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