Testo Calm Before The Storm

Testo Calm Before The Storm

Before the storm
Before the shadows will swallow the sun
One last glance and I'll be gone
One last song upon my sword

Before the war,
Before this vision of beauty be gone
Suddenly silence falls
And just before the charge
Your mind is blank, but you
Follow the beat of your heart
Echoes of fear will call
Out to your very soul
Leaving you lost
Lost in the eye of the storm

Strong winds run cold
Across the hilltops
Through long manes of gold
One last day and we'll be gone
One last stand before we fall

After the storm After the shadows have captured the sun
Down on the valley's end
We die with sword in hand
Feeding the fire
That slowly devours the soul
Victories lost and found
Upon a bloodstained ground
High on the mound
Where torches eternally glow

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