Testo Trouble

Testo Trouble

Dave Lawrence:

There's paint peeling on the ceiling
The garden's in some kind of state
We're friendly with the neighbours,
tough they know we didn't come to stay
So call in the carpet cleaners
A ute to take the furniture away
Living this rental lifestyle
Just spirits passing through the day

Abi Tucker:

Baby, I've been foolish
Sometimes people are strange
but I'm learning to let go, let everything come
At least I do now anyway
And I think of you tomorrow
like I thought of you yesterday
And though I wish you well. I will always
wonder what it would have been if you'd stayed

Dave Lawrence:
Oh, from freedom is born trouble
and so it goes on
Oh, from freedom is born trouble

Samen :

Well it looks just like purgatory
to those who've got their blinkers on
But I can hear the angels signing, from the local
church on Sunday morn
And I know you're dad don't like it
He's just a little insecure
Won't somebody please remind him, oh honey,
that there ain't no cure

Oh, from freedom is born trouble

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