Testo Hey You

Testo Hey You

Hey you in the window.
Do you need a helping hand?
Cause I am cold and lost
And you look like you're just as.
Hey you, In the window.
Can I come and watch the stars?
I won't say another word unless you ask.
Sydney harbour just on dusk.
Would blow your mind.
The city lights are like stars in familiar eyes.

Everybody seems to blow through
And the city is like a planet I once knew.
And If I could return I would come on home.
But now that I have given my all to you,
It doesn't matter.
I've got nothing left to prove.
There's nowhere that I have, to go to.
If I come on home. So, come on.

Hey you in the window.
Can I be the one you'll meet? On this Friday night
When all the lights are out along the street?
Hey you in the window.
Do you want some company?
Cause I am missing home and I need somebody.

Sydney harbour, just on dusk.
It's such a beautiful sight.
The city lights are like stars tonight's sky.

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