Testo You Don't Know

Testo You Don't Know

You don't know what I've been through
Let me share my story with you
All the thing that He brought me through
My stormy days and my rainy days

You don't know all the tears I've cried
The things I've kept bottled up inside
Trying my best to be strong
Waiting on God and holding on

You don't know what I had to endure
And you wonder why I'm so sure
'Cause my Father never lets me down
He's always around even when I can't see
Oh, thank you Jesus

You don't know how many times I prayed
Over and over but my situation didn't change
Never change
But just when I felt like it was the end
You came and you did it again...
You did it again, you did it again, and you did it again...
Ooh... I know you got a story too...
How God stepped in and made a way for you
He dried every one of your tears, yeah!
And He's the reason you're still here

Don't know
You don't know
(Don't know)
You don't know
You just don't know
(Don't know)
Don't know
You don't know
Tell somebody you, just don't know

Don't know
Don't know
Don't know
Don't know
Just don't
Just don't know
You... (don't know), don't know
(Don't know), oh Lordy, (don't know)

Let me tell you my testimony
I started singing at the age of five
My mother put me on stage
I was so terrified
I didn't know then God had a plan for me
Singing all over the world encouraging unity

But it's my story I'm not gonna lie to you
I made some mistakes and, I'm not talking about one or two
But grace and mercy brought me through
But that's enough about me, let me minister to you

You had some heartache
You had some pain
You had depression
And you had some rain
But through it all, (through it all)
You didn't gave up
You kept on believing
You kept on trusting in God

Don't know
You just don't know
You ought to tell somebody
You just don't know what I've been through
You... You... oh, Lord!
You just don't know
Thank you, Jesus...
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