Testo Ghetto Superhero

Testo Ghetto Superhero

Ghetto Super,
Smashing thru the sky
And he ain't neva had a cape
But he so fly
When you have a problem he'll be by your side
He's on the scene,
Crispy and clean.
Ghetto Super,
Dashing through the night
Bet that you can
Cut the tension with a knife
Haven't seen a thing like this in all your life.

Cause he's a Ghetto Super,
Faith is on his side
Moving like a shadow
In the dark of night.
Let me tell you, brotha man, he's out of sight
Where does he go?
Nobody knows.

When I take my time
And really think about the choices that I've made
It doesn't leave a doubt,
The killin' is not my lane
I want my freedom and a bullet
Don't stop the pain!
Unless it's me that get popped.

Ghetto SuperHero,
Defend you if you a zero
Been looking for new dinero
To get me some cool apparel
Through the narrow streets
And perilous metropolis city blocks
In the ghetto, we the cops.
Till the beating stops
We'll be needing glocks
Defeating, demeaning plots
For freedom, keepin' it hot.

Ghetto Super,
Master of disguise
You can see the danger in his eyes
If you're in trouble
Then just drop a dime.
Ghetto Super,
Has his hand in crime
He can give a damn about one time
He warned you twice
Don't act surprised.
He's on the scene
Crispy and clean.

Capture him they try
He's never going down without a fight
He disappears within a flash of light
Where does he go?
Nobody knows.

Any villan who's dumb enough to be illin'
Will run amok in my vigilant vision
Finna feel it.
Come thunderous on they skillet
So murderous I'ma kill it.
I mastered my metaphysics
I passed by several digits
My leverage, heavy infinite,
Every minute,
Time is ticking, drop a dime
Shine the signal,
See my bearhanded grappel any midget foe
With a kingpin fetish perish
They never leave a blemish
Any man or machine,
Phantom menace
Better let the Ghetto Superhero handle his business
In the concrete jungle
He is always in a rumble
He may slip and he may stumble
But he won't fallllll!

Ghetto Super,
They ask who is that guy?
He's got front, back and side to side
Smack you in the face and make you cry.
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