Testo Let 'em Know

Testo Let 'em Know


You're irresponsible
No focus
I hold this advice script
I ripped it to shreds
I was headed
With sound waves and frequencies
Frequently I'm freakin the
Flows like hoes
_ rub-a-dub those
Shattering Glass Joes
With decibels
To break spectacles
You can't see
You're feelin' queezy
And uneasy
Steppin cautious because you're nauseous
I squashes
Emcees like I was Colossus
Flippin on Magneto
Never metal
Without my bending
Ending all existance, my rhymes blending
Niggaz up and liquifying
Punks are crying
Crews are dying
While the mack keeps shining
Girls are screaming
Cuz I'm arousing
My styles bring
_ kids, so how you look?
Ya drowning, and drained
The frame of being slain
By my slang
Once again
I wreck brainz


Yo, shit occurs
When I shift my words
I dip a Swisher
To my kisser
And get spliffta
I riff ta
Be the Mista
The abyss ta
Cuz I slide in
Like a titan
When I grip or pull
Spliff, it will manipulate my brain
In ways to plot or gain
And raises
Tajai is the brand that
Keep it jam-packed
Frankly- pretty damn phat
It's over me, I am enough to rip it flat
And pass- the mic to me
And see emcees sadden- fast!
You're ratty
Match my tip, you pips
And Gladyss Knight gets darkness
Is where we best start, kids
If ours gets bootlegged and sold in the market
Then mark this
Them stands plan to be targets
And I'll stand grand
Then peace to Richmond and
Of course the Land
I'm lettin ya know cuz I can

"Yeah, I'ma let ya know
Yeah, I'ma let ya know
Yeah, I let you know
Yo, I'm lettin niggaz know"


I say that nigga A
That nigga A-K
Can make a nigga day
In a very special nigga way
Breaking backs and fists
As I smack and dis
Cuz they lack this
In fact this
Very booty indeed
Prayin you could be freed
From torture
Or I'll scorch ya
With a torch a'
I smash your spleen
I'm quick to blast a fiend
You betta jet if ya' ass is keen
Yeah, I got a masta plan
I'm fasta than
Drastic Man
My thing is "Who would blast a friend?"
I only blast wack rhymas
It's time to find ya' own flows
I throw spines and bones
Your ass
extremely ass
You see me pass
The senior class
Yo- and now I'm free at last
So let me bust a grill if I must
Making blood spill and your eyes fill with puss
When I bust


Here I go again
Return of the Jedi
Red eye
Use my lightsaber to take guys that pick my flavor
I pounce and trounce on emcees when I slay ya
Remember the days
You parleys 'em to the left
Cuz I get deffer
Than senior citizens with Alzheimer's
And squash rhymas to vapor
Shatter- at a
Forfeitcha when I splitcha
Tore and ripped ya
My oratore's quick ta
Concoct a sicka- flow
So crawl back under your rock
Get off my jock
I'm quicka than minute rice
To split and slice
Rappaz as I entrapped ya
Slapped ya
With my rapture
On the down low, I trapped your brain
And flips it
Watch the maestro
Slice hoz, entice hoz
As I rip shit
Dip shit
You rap but
Keep your trap shut
Cuz you lack what
Phesto's inducing
I get mood swings!
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