Testo Memories of sand (englische Version)

Testo Memories of sand (englische Version)

Passing through like the wind

Blending into a group of travelers

Touching gently upon an outstreched finger
Love, and hope, dried-up dreams...even those

The hair that billows among the stars

Join together with the night sky

Carve into the endless span of time

Like a pendulum, swinging and swinging...swaying

To the point of even forgetting how to sleep

Cradled in the arms of eternal time

Looking only at the wind

To the wandering eye...

Leaving only a fragment of the flikering seasons

A young girl's fleeting dream

The nighttime dew swallowed away

The memories of sand reviving

Drowning in the moment of falling asleep...all the while

Now even the soul cannot return

Wandering eternally in a land without time

A sigh that brushes the cheek

Released into the distant skies.
Testi Key the Metal Idol