Testo Fugitive: Run Away (englische Version)

Testo Fugitive: Run Away (englische Version)

If it were possible, I'd choose to run away with you

To the ends of Hell itself

If it were possible, I'd shoose to leave right away
Running through the darkness

It's true... A glass labyrinth

Crossing, as though on a tightrope

Yeah, everyone's a lonely wanderer

Traveling without a compass

Just feeling one's way through, searching for warmth

Walking through the ruins

The two of us together, maybe we can (escape) this hell house

Flying, perhaps; endless

Even worse that death, I'd have to say

Is a sadness that won't heal

Run away...It doesn't matter where

I wanna run, and run, and run

Runaway...From my cowardly past self

Well, then, run through the rusted underground tunnel

All you have to do, is turn the key

You can't go back, once you've come this far

The dice have been cast

It's a spiral universe

Speed that feels like falling

A living corpse like me

Chose this, in order to live on

Run away...The truth is that I keep chasing, and chasing, and chasing

Run away...Chasing after my new, true self
Testi Key the Metal Idol