Testo Two Left Feet

Testo Two Left Feet

Hello, I found a stitch to wear and came out tonight
But everybody looks at me like come kind of tramp
Coz i, i wear these holy jeans well heaven forbid
And send an angel coz i need somebody tonight, somebody tonight

Well i cant really dance but baby won't you dance with me
And if you want to take a chance then baby take a chance on me
We're we gonna go, we're we gonna go, we're we gonna go
At the end of the night?
I dont care, and i dont mind
As long as you keep holding me tight

Every night all the boys and girls are busy saying alright
I know i know your face but ive forgotten your name, again!
I blame the alcohol that swims round my brain
I need a drink because i need some joy in my life
I need joy in my life
Wont you take my hand, don't you let me go
Coz i need some joy in my life i need joy in my life

Ive got your nuber, i'll call you up some time
And if you'd like to-o-o
Say that you'll be mine
I would like to see you again sometime

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