Testo The Feelers

Testo The Feelers

It was an early morning meet-up at the mansion up the mountain
The Maestro still had glitter on his face
They led us to the office and once my eyes adjusted
I took a little look around the place

On the mantle was a portrait of his father and the fortune
He'd amassed from being ruthless but polite
And a bottle with a model, a specific British clipper ship
On his desk there was a pistol and a pipe

The sunrise wasn't perfect but it was close enough to count
The vibrations were impatient he said he's sick of running out
But first we set the prices and then we talk about amounts

The sweet parade the morning brings
The drifters wearing angel wings
The hard distorted hymns they sing
So sad the night is over
The shepherds started spinning out
The cowboys trying to dismount
St. Francis with the pigeons on his shoulder

Now while you're here in person I was kind of, sort of hoping
I could ask you 'bout a girl I met last night
She had the aura of an angel
But she had a couple problems
I guess the big one is she's someone else's wife
And she didn't bring it up with any sort of plan in place
She said she was just putting out the feelers
When she asked if she could choke you
Underneath the blacklight poster
With a spaceman saying, "Take me to your dealer"

This scene, it only moves at a few different speeds
Forage and gather, attack and retreat
First we're gonna finish up our business
Then we'll finally get some sleep

All the things you never really noticed before
Turned out that they don't even matter
'Cause when someone hits the switch in the kitchen
All the insects just scatter

The broken birds all headed south
The pirates with the party mouth
The corner boys all calling out
So sad the war is finished

Each daybreak there's a new parade
From uptown through the old arcades
Along the way we lost the flame
But there's burners in the kitchen
We've been staying late a lot
That mansion on the mountaintop
Did you think about the thing The Maestro mentioned?

How tomorrow's pretty much today
And I don't predict a major change
Seems like you and me have got momentum

Feels like now we're in this pretty deep
We should get set up before we sleep
Feels like now we're in this pretty deep
We should get set up before we sleep
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