Testo Me & Magdalena

Testo Me & Magdalena

Me and Magdalena used to go out every night
They thought she was the pretty one, they thought that I was nice
But the boys that we've been twisting with suddenly got wildly inconsistent
Like first they're into KISS, then they're into Crust
Spent the summer fighting over crumbs, man, there must be something more than this
The grackles at the snack bar waging war for popcorn and potato chips

And the record that the DJ played, they didn't move us like thе way the used to make us movе
And first they're into death and then they're into dust
And then they're into disco
So now they're into drugs

One night at the bandstand Magdalena met a front-man
He spent the night but then the stupid sun came up
At dawn she set him free under yesterday's marquee
He blew a kiss and got back on the bus

Told her she should probably prepare to be let down
Distances are difficult, heavy is the crown
She said they'll be together anytime that he's in town

Smoking at the swimming pool, combing out the grease
She showed me the postcard he sent from overseas
Said the castles are all creepy and I haven't been to sleep
And it's been like fourteen weeks
Then he sent her a ticket to visit after Christmas
She said the west coast was everything she wished it was
She decided she would stay be with him out in L.A.
Says she's gonna try to help him clean it up

She didn't even bother coming back to get her stuff
Said records are so heavy, you can't hurry love
He hates to be alone and we're trying to clean him up

I'm still in the apartment that I've had for seven years
Magdalena disconnected, the rest it isn't clear
There's something in the silence that hurts a bit to hear

Sucks to be abandoned, certain songs can really sting
But I still admit that psychopath can sing

Distances are difficult, precious is the time
When he cancelled all those concerts there were rumors that he died
Someone made a joke about the camel in his eyes
I guess the needle was implied

Last night, Magdalena rang me really late
Said nothing ever works, only so much I can take
If I make it back to Scranton, can I clean up at your place?
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