Testo Acoustic Bonus

Testo Acoustic Bonus

Some people would say that I don't have a clue, that I'm a lost cause
They think I'm thinking on instinct, and I never set goals
We'll here's my goal for you, try to have some faith
And if you can dig deep enough believe in me
If you give me a chance you'll see that
This is my destiny and I need your company

Believe in me
I know that I don't always go, always go the right way
Believe in me
I know that I can't always show, always show the right things
But if you can believe
Believe in me

This was a carefully crafted expense that I've taken
To follow my dreams
It seems so easy for you to try and take that away
And that I can't understand.

I see your condescending eyes
Every time you shut me down
I was always told that I could be whatever I dreamed
Is it so hard to see, that you haven't failed with me
I'm trying so desperately to make you believe
I'm done trying it won't ever mean anything

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