Testo Sold Our Souls (To Rock And Roll)

Testo Sold Our Souls (To Rock And Roll)

Is there anybody out there
Who can tell me what's going on?
Cause I don't know where to start from
You said "it's killing me to see
All the people you've deceived
Just to get this far
Well, did you get that far"?
I keep saying (that) I don't want to play this game
But the stakes are high and I am out of time

We break our bones
And spill our hearts for you
We sold our souls
And played our parts for you

So tell me
What did you expect from a quiet boy like me?
Will I sweep you off of your feet?
We were born to cause a scene
And all your wildest dreams
Will come true tonight
It all comes true tonight

We won't ever stop
We won't ever stop tonight

And all the memories
Cut so deep
The words from their lips
So unrewarding

It's getting hard to breathe
When every face I see
Reminds me of back when we were stopping time
The places that went, the summers that we shared
I can't forget this
Now I'm wide awake

We sold our souls to rock and roll
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