Testo Block By Block - The Minecraft Song

Testo Block By Block - The Minecraft Song

You enter a new world, many plans in your mind,
the perfect place is what you're trying to find.
You shout it out loud, looking for a friend
Somebody to love, but they all just pretend
To be someone to help you through the night
But you´re always alone, moving through the fight

Block by block you`re building your world
This place is yours, the greatest on earth
Oh, block by block you`re building your dream
But at the end nothing is what it seems.

You move through the darkness, hearing scary sounds
And your fear is growing while you look at the clouds
But suddenly you can see the light
This must be the end you think you´ve won the fight
First block in row, the first steps are done
and you keep on blocking go on and on

Block by block...

As the sun goes down, you look around,
this is no longer the world you have found.

You've won just a battle, and not the war but you know
That through fighting your power will grow
still looking for someone who stands by your side
To power you up and send you a light
But even if there will be no one
You keep on blocking, reachin for your goal

Block by block...
Testi Hella Donna