Testo Nicodemus (The Seeker)

Testo Nicodemus (The Seeker)

Grace is my destiny, but pride is my home. Your words have called me from my comfort. I'll give you my life, if you'll hold it in your truth, because truth is the pursuit that captivates my soul. And, teacher, to be honest, I am very afraid.

This is all I have. I come before you broken. This is all I have. Tell me there is more than this.

Jesus, I'd give my life for a truth that could never be shaken. And, then you came to offer me everything that I'd been looking for. So now, I am the reborn, into a life of purpose. I am the renewed; born of the Spirit, and sent forth to walk in truth.

I will walk in truth; in all the truth of your miraculous power. I will walk in truth. And expect your healing hands to work in me.
You are all I have. I stand before you redeemed. You are all I have. I could never want more than this

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