Testo Elijah (The Forerunner)

Testo Elijah (The Forerunner)

Prepare the way for the Lord to enter in. We must become a people who value righteousness again. Now, we can only stand back and hope to see Him move, or we can be the willing hands of a mighty, living God. Make your choice. Now is the time. But, as for me, I call down fire. God, rain fire.

I believe that God will raise the dead, and He will use these hands to do it. I believe that God will heal the sick. And He has sent me forth to say: ?He alone is God. Prepare for His victory.?

Lord, would you bring a breakthrough of heaven on this earth? Would you part the clouds, and pour down on our flesh? We invite you to come, not only here, but to the world around us. Surround us.

I sought the Lord and I found His voice. The mountain trembled, and there was a fire burning, then came the wind, and my God was not there. It was a whisper that brought me His voice, because when heaven speaks to us, we will feel the peace of our perfect Father.
Take my vision and tear down your world. Take my vision and proclaim a time of favor.

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