Testo Under The Blade (Live)

Testo Under The Blade (Live)

A glint of steel, a flash of light
You know you're not going home tonight
Be it jack or switch, doctor's or mind
Nowhere to run, everywhere you'll find
You can't escape from the bed you've made
When your time has come, you'll accept the blade!

You're cornered in the alley way, you know you're all alone
You know it's gonna end this way, the chill goes to the bone
Now here it comes that glistening light, it goes into your side
Blackness comes, tonight's the night, blade is gonna ride

Cause you're under the blade
Oh, you're under the blade

It's not another party head, this time you cannot rise
Your hands are tied, your legs are strapped, a light shines in your eye
You faintly see a razor's edge, you open your mouth to cry
You know you can't, it's over now, blade is gonna ride

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