Testo One More Molly

Testo One More Molly

This is no vacation, (yeah, yeah, yeah...)
I stopped fucking with Mary today and it sucks
(fuck) but there's a new girl in the neighborhood, you can call her Molly
(Kush, I just whipped it out) literally (I'm fucked up grr)

I just popped a super molly
I just popped a super molly
She just popped a super molly
She just popped a super molly
She just won't stop looking at me
She just won't stop looking at me
We about to have a party
We about to have a party

[Verse 1: Trinidad James]
This shit here, no concept
I was geeked up when I wrote this
I'm high as hell, but I'm focused
(High as hell, but I'm focused)
I ain't trying to hide shit
My side-effects is asshole
Something's swimming up the capsule
(Something's swimming up the capsule)
The beat change, so my flow do
Yo big ho, is old news
Popped a molly, she gone do
Things that you never knew
(freak ho) She so ashamed
(freak ho) She so ashamed
That molly got her naked
Her friends looking basic
Talking shit but they anxious
They want a fix [x3]
Ain't nothing to worry about
Just take a dip and while out [x3]

(Oh god, I don't know if I'm going to make it, I don't want to go back I want go home right now haha)

[Verse 2: Trinidad James]
I remember that molly since I stepped in
I'm so high I remember stepping
First two, I don't know how I made it
Last night I got faded
With a couple friends, a couple new hoes
Stay ? don't do drugs
Oh god, What the Fuck
Got mad kicked them out
Their butt bad, then shook one
I started laughing then
Dicked 'em down
T.James up on that
Fucked 'em good, then I
O'D 5000
This Molly life I'm all about
That .1 don't do shit
Need a whole gram for me to get lit
Been lit for like 2 days
This Molly Life is my way...
(2 days)

[Hook/ Chopped & Screwed]

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