Testo Sing To Me

Testo Sing To Me


woke up this morning didnt know how
opened my eyes and i know now

what it means
to be in love
have you ever
felt this way before

never no more

ay yo check it

i just cant seem to wash away the tears
wish i could see everything clear

Sun shines on my horizon

i heard that life had second chances
tried too much didnt make a difference

I hear you calling sing to me
couldnt you listen to the last words
i dont believe that i deserve

feeling like broken soul
how can i continue going on

tell me whats wrong

what will it take to make you know this
i want the whole wide world to notice

I will love you forever

I hear you calling sing to me

Just let me speak before you leave
Pushing so deep into the seas
I Will Always Love You

your an angel miss lady (repeat x3)


I hear you calling sing to me

Ohoo-oo-ooo (x3)

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