Testo Poor Afrika

Testo Poor Afrika

I heard the screams of afrika
a cry above the jungle
animals confused now
black cloud is coming down now
with the rain fall - nobody knows

i hear the pen is stronger
the assegai grows weaker
graffiti in the classroom
white faith upon the blackboard
will the rain fall - nobody knows

poor afrika
was it a fair game
poor afrika
will the stiff winds blow

poor afrika
will they steal it from the ground below
poor afrika
will they steal it from your jungles

damn the thieves / thieves are evil Amasela ngo-damn-ngo damn

Qubula sheqe
arrest / the thieves

Bayede wena we Zulu
(Zulu Greeting)
use when greeting the kin, Zulu families, Zulu classes, extended families and ancestors
used also in several ceremonies

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