Testo Life Of A Love Song

Testo Life Of A Love Song

Turn off the radio but the music still remains
chords in my head changing, chords that free the tune
turning in itself, turning round in echoes, turning in my soul

how can i throw my guns away, when i know you'll never change
where men of love have ventured and died in vain
waiting for the flood, waiting for the rain
to wash away this blood

let the ship break free and sail, sail away, say goodbye

it's hard to conquer we know it's hard to conquer
where the ship of love has ventured you know it's hard to conquer
i'm ready to confess, ready to go thru, ready to control
all these things i say, all these things i do ...

it floats on the airwave, it raptures those who have heard it
it's wrapped in what you're made of, so much so you can hold it
and lovers often try, it gives them all the reasons

reasons to cry ...
why don't you follow
sailing thru your way sailing in your day
stunning heartbeats
brilliant dreams
i can hear them say
say goodbye

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