Testo Babalon (Bonus)

Testo Babalon (Bonus)

Babalon your hair has grown
purple for evening
as close as you come
tender your tapestry
softly and warm
tender your pleasure
from the place it was born
wild is my love

wild is my love i say
crowned in a forest of light
she gave me herself
in a beautiful way
she stores deep delights

i hold her pale and pleading
i hold her human shape
i hold her bound and bleeding
safe with no escape

slow are the wings that weave
swift as a song on the breeze her eyes as wise
as a wide winged dove
that mingles and moves
with the sea

and i hear her music
deep in the breath of the night
and i kiss her dark roses
and i dream her in a river of life

wild is my love

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