Testo Jayrambati

Testo Jayrambati

Come child lay your head down
This river sings without sound
All of these things in your mind
Leave them behind

My mothers village is inside
How can one leave her
Mother of time

Come child eat of this food
All of me is for you
For you are my very own
Welcome welcome home

My Mothers village is inside
How can one leave her
Mother of time

Mother of the virtues' a mother of the wicked
We are all upon your lap being all of us are children
Poetry's no use when describing who you are
Creator of the love that's inside of my heart
Darker than the night yeah brighter then the sun yeah Higher then the mountains peak and the ocean
You keep the world turning you're a unseen power
I know not the time not the place of the hour
Rising with the sun shining setting with the moon
All of your instruments are playing all are perfectly in tune
Flowing with the water and burning in the fire
My momma is the queen of this whole empire

As I sit back and I watch her play the part
As the beggar as the king as the thief its her art
I am just a color in her unseen picture
A pen in her hand as she writes her scripture

My mothers village is inside

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