Testo Uncle Jo

Testo Uncle Jo

I called Uncle Jo
He told me about bear and the buffalo
He told me that the roots need water so
We put it in the stars then we let go
I guess mama hear that prayer and so
A few months later see we hit the road
Yea we hit the road
On a chariot of flames I was chanting the Name
The hummingbirt came and so it flows
Well I was in need of the medicine
The company of my brethren
The Elk grew antlers once again
Hoka Hey
That's what we would say
When the morning came
All through the day Sita Ram I praise
This is straight ohana
Oh Grandfather guide the way

Let the bees come and teach us song
Sip it from the third eye all day long
Melodies come fill out cup
Take a new birth and open up Into the world we come to play
And so we say

Hello Friend
Hello Friend

(Nahko), I cry kindred soul
Pull back your bow and let your arrow go
Light up the totems written on the wall
Wild cub standing very tall
Uncle Uncle keep the boys all together
Lost and found on the road to recover
Each other
A lover
On a wild mustang I was spitting out flames
The animal kingdom came
We sand
Well I was in need of the brotherhood
A council of men who understood
The bear climbed from his cave and looked
Time to play
And that's how we would pray
When the evening came
All through the day
Creator I sang
This is Hare Rama
Show the way

Let the hummingbird come teach us song
Drinking of the nectar palm to palm
Allies come to fill our well
Meaningul music keeps me filled
Into the world we coem to play
And so we say
Hello Friend
Hello Friend
Hello Friend

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